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We recently received the following letter from one of our suppliers.

  • We received your check today to complete payment for your purchase order #92256. Too often we neglect to express our gratitude to good, steady customers like you ; but our appreciation is heartfelt, and we look forward to working with you even more. Just as this should be a matter of pride on your part, it is a matter of great satisfaction on ours. Your credit rating is tops with us.

Our sensitivity toward treating our suppliers fairly is indicative of our overall attitude. A well run business, I believe, operates in an honest and straightforward manner towards its customers, employees, contractors, and everyone else it touches. DRS's employees have been instructed, for example, to always state the facts even if it means losing a sale. Avoiding confrontations by not telling the truth e.g., "a check is in the mail" not only postpones the inevitable, but makes matters much worse.

DRS is an organization specializing in jewelry Findings, Tools For The Jeweler & Watchmaker, Fraternal & Masonic Jewelry, and Medical Jewelry. In addition, we are also known for our Designer Clasps, Claddagh & Celtic Jewelry, Military, and Personalized Jewelry. These items can be seen in our various catalogs. Importantly, DRS has developed a reputation for extremely fast service as a result of our broad and deep inventory.

DRS EXISTS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. I am convinced that all businesses - large and small - run better when the owners/senior management are both active and present . The pulse of a business must be monitored constantly - not just from time to time - and the problems must be dealt with before they turn into nightmares.

Senior management includes Joe Borella, who supervises our Watch Material Division, Ted Styne directs our Dason Division, which includes Masonic and Personalized Jewelry; Rob Galiardo manages our Findings Division , and Val Ryals controls our Tool Division. We answer our own phones and return messages promptly.

Senior management is accessible - call, write, fax, or email- we're listening>

Peter Susser


  • You must be "IN THE TRADE" to use our website and order form us. You must be listed in the JBT or supply us with your Resale Certificate to obtain our website PASSWORD.
  • We are open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday. Thirty day terms are offered to approved accounts. We also ship COD and Credit Card. (Master Card/ Visa)
  • Please use your ACCOUNT NUMBER when ordering..